About the Webjet Limited group.

Webjet Limited is a global travel organisation that enables travel the world over through our market leading travel brands supported by our travel technology businesses.

Travel Brands

Our digital travel businesses, spanning both wholesale and retail markets, sell travel all over the world.

The second largest B2B travel wholesaler in the world.

WebBeds is a global marketplace for the travel trade, providing powerful hotel distribution solutions that make selling and buying accommodation, and ground travel services, easier. WebBeds sources content from travel suppliers, connects, aggregates and merchandises that content in their platform, the WebBeds Marketplace, and distributes it to a global network of travel buyers (distribution partners), who sell to the travelling public.

Hotels and other suppliers – global and regional hotel chains, independent hotels, apartments, resorts, attractions, transfer and sightseeing companies and more – can sell their products to a global network of online and offline travel buyers through robust solutions that provide greater inventory control to simplify distribution, and leverage WebBeds enhanced analytics to inform inventory optimisation choices – saving costs and increasing revenue.

Travel buyers – online travel agencies, retail travel agents, corporate travel managers, tour operators, wholesalers, tourism boards, super apps, DMC’s, group providers, airlines and more – can integrate the hundreds of thousands of hotels and ground services in the WebBeds marketplace through simple and seamless API connectivity, or they can search, shop and book online through one of WebBeds trade only booking sites.

The process of bringing together over 430,000+ hotels and 20,000+ ground services in more than 16,000 destinations in a way that adds value to suppliers’ businesses, and distributing that content to a global network of over 44,000 travel providers in more than 139 source markets in ways that meet their needs, is a complicated and technical ecosystem.

The WebBeds Marketplace, where clients & suppliers seamlessly meet to buy & sell content, is driven by a talented and dedicated global team of more than 1,500 including technology, contracting, sales, operations, finance and marketing professionals – all focussed on doing it better for our partners.

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The B2B travel market is estimated to be more than US$50 billion in TTV and is an important part of the global travel market.

In general, hotels use a combination of their own websites, direct-to-consumer (B2C) and intermediaries (B2B) to help sell hotel rooms.

The B2B segment provides hotels with longer lead time bookings and lower cancellation rates than direct to consumer bookings. While hotels pay commission to B2C providers for hotel rooms sales, hotels provide nightly room allotments at negotiated net rates to B2B providers. B2B also offers a diverse global network of travel buyers with the aggregation, products, technology & services required to compete.

The B2B market is highly fragmented, with very few global players. WebBeds is the #2 global provider and yet we have less than 4% market share. The majority of B2B participants having specialised local offerings and small market share.

Ongoing industry consolidation represents significant opportunity for WebBeds to gain share.

WebBeds is an online B2B global marketplace for the travel trade that connects sellers with buyers. An intermediary between hotels (looking to fill hotel rooms) and travel buyers (looking to find hotel rooms to sell to the travelling public).

WebBeds provides fast, easy access to global hotel room inventory to more than 44,000 travel buyers – comprising of retail travel agents, corporate travel agents, wholesalers, tour operators, airlines, super apps and OTAs.

WebBeds offer rooms at more than 430,000 hotels around the world. The majority of our hotel partners are small, independent hotels and we provide an alternative distribution channel for their rooms.

WebBeds seeks to offer its clients the greatest breadth and depth of hotel inventory at highly competitive prices.

Unlike most B2B providers, WebBeds use a combination of directly contracted and third-party inventory to provide our distribution partners (buyers) access to rooms at more than 430,000 hotels around the world. We focus our important direct contracts on key strategic destinations while more than 70 third party providers help supplement our global hotel offering.

This multi-supply aggregation strategy helps WebBeds deliver a full global inventory offering while keeping costs low.

WebBeds multi-supply aggregation strategy delivers:

  • Greatest breadth and depth of hotel inventory – by using a combination of directly contracted and 3rd Party inventory, we provide travel buyers a global offering through “one connection”. Our multi-supply aggregation strategy also allows us to draw on multiple sources to fulfil accommodation requests at times of peak demand.
  • Low cost model – our entire offering was designed to disrupt by providing a global offering at a lower cost. Higher cost direct contracts are focused on key strategic destinations and 3rd Party providers broaden our offering without the need to increase contracting costs. We also have cost effective customer support centres and Rezchain (our industry leading blockchain solution) is helping drive efficiencies.
  • Global scale – many travel buyers use more than one B2B provider to access hotel rooms. As the #2 global provider selling to over 190 destination countries through customers in more than 139 source markets worldwide, WebBeds is meaningful to both our clients and hotel partners. We are able to leverage our global scale across both source and destination markets to drive demand for rooms which in turn helps drive improves room allotments.
  • Highly competitive prices – our multi-supply aggregation strategy means we are able to access room rates from multiple supply sources. We only display the lowest priced option meaning our clients only see the most competitive room rate.
  • Market leading, user-friendly technology – our distribution partners can access our global inventory through either XML or direct website connections. The vast majority of travel providers use high-speed XML connections which offer sub-second response processing times.

WebBeds provides a global offering across 4 regions – Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and MEA (Middle East & Africa).

WebBeds leadership team has significant industry experience building leading B2B businesses across key global markets. Our entrepreneurial and customer-centric culture is focused on providing the best outcome for both our hotel partners and our clients.

Find out more about WebBeds at webbeds.com

The #1 online travel agent (OTA) in Australia and New Zealand.

Webjet is an award winning Online Travel Agency and the number one online travel agency in Australia and New Zealand, leading the way in online travel tools and technology for consumers. Webjet offers unparalleled choice to its customers when it comes to planning a trip, no matter if it is for work or leisure, within Australia/New Zealand or overseas.

Using Webjet, travellers can find, compare and book the best domestic and international travel flight deals to and from almost every destination around the world. The website features a unique Deal Finder tool, which allows travellers to quickly find cheap flights that match their travel plans or pick up great savings with sales and promotions.

Webjet also connects its customers with car hire, holiday packages, world-wide hotels and accommodation, motorhomes, travel insurance, and more. Travellers booking with Webjet can expect great rates, instant email confirmation and 24/7 customer support, ensuring someone is always on hand to help answer questions or change bookings if required.

Booking with Webjet is secure and convenient. State-of-the-art safeguards guarantee personal details are kept safe, and there are a wide range of payment methods available, including major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Afterpay.

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leading online global motorhome and car rental website.

GoSee started small in 2004, as Online Republic, the brainchild of two brothers with big dreams. Initially offering alternative ways to hire rental cars online (as brand Airport Rentals), Online Republic quickly expanded into offering motorhome bookings as well (as brand Motorhome Republic). A focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences and 24/7 customer support led to continued commercial growth for the business.

The value of the company was recognised through the acquisition of Online Republic by Webjet Limited in 2016. The car and motorhome consumer offering in the travel e-commerce space perfectly complemented the existing Webjet value proposition.

In 2021, Online Republic rebranded as GoSee. This change brought the car and motorhome brands together under the one GoSee brand. Customers now have all the choice and all the expertise, all in one place, making it easier for travellers to compare and save.

With a global footprint made up of over 1,400 suppliers across 160 countries, GoSee has booked over 3 million motorhome rental days, and over 3 million rental cars so far.

GoSee is one of the largest motorhome rental agencies in the world, and is a significant presence in the global car hire marketplace. With its global presence, GoSee is a leading player in the consumer land travel industry, helping connect travellers to the people and places they love.

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Technology Businesses

Our travel brands are supported by smart technology we build and invest in that makes booking and transacting travel better.

Trip Ninja

Providing complex travel itinerary automation technology to digital travel businesses.

Trip Ninja technology automates the highly manual process of selling complex multi-stop travel itineraries. Trip Ninja was acquired in FY22 to enhance the Webjet OTA offering by allowing us to offer unique, highly competitive content to our customers.

On the acquisition 
Trip Ninja was acquired in FY22 to enhance the Webjet OTA offering by allowing us to offer unique, highly competitive content to our customers. Trip Ninja technology will remain exclusive to the Webjet OTA in Australia and New Zealand, and be sold to travel industry participants in other markets. Trip Ninja technology is being integrated into the Webjet OTA platform and expected to go live during FY23.

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Drives easy revenue with hotel upsell automation.

ROOMDEX simplifies and super-charges upselling. ROOMDEX automates the process for hotels to provide upsell offers on room upgrades, stay extensions and guest services. It relieves hoteliers of the labour time required by other upselling solutions while delivering high margin revenue.

On the investment
Webjet Limited holds a 49% share of ROOMDEX, with an option to acquire the remaining 51%.  Technology under development will enable hotels to further increase revenue from bespoke upselling. Webjet Limited plans to offer the ROOMDEX product through the WebBeds business to further differentiate its offering and provide added value to its hotel partners.

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Blockchain based B2C travel marketplace.

LockTrip.com is a blockchain based B2C travel marketplace. Locktrip is helping expand Webjet’s blockchain expertise and being integrated into the Webjet OTA to enhance its B2C hotel offering.

On the investment
Webjet Limited holds a 25% share in LockTrip.