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About FIT Ruums

Launched in November 2016, FIT Ruums is a B2B travel distributor and aggregator of worldwide hotel accommodation, rail passes & tickets and airport transfers in Asia. FIT Ruums is dedicated to driving 360° business partnerships, strengthening the efficiency of travel technology and rewarding our partners with a more user-friendly business solution.

Widely represented in Asia, FIT Ruums office locations include Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India, China and Japan.

Always Stronger Together

FIT Ruums applies a 360-degree approach to our travel industry partnerships. We start the travel distribution circle by sharing our content with all our partners, enabling them to significantly increase their reach and content.  On the other end of the circle, our concept of all-round distribution enables our partners to buy from and sell to each other. This creates a truly harmonious relationship that benefits all of our partners and the wider travel industry.

In FIT Ruums, we believe we are always stronger together.

360° Business Approach

FIT Ruums’ content can be easily accessed through either retail booking site,, or an easy to develop API connection. A supplier can choose to distribute its products and services through FIT Ruums’ extranet or its’ preferred channel managers connectivity.

Once a supplier is connected, it requires minimal maintenance. And because FIT Ruums has in-market offices across Asia, FIT Ruums can provide genuine real-time support in a similar time zone.

Currently, FIT Ruums provides access to over 130,000 unique hotel properties worldwide, sourced directly and through its travel partners, including more than 300 destination management companies. FIT Ruums also provides hotel mapping support to ensure all products and services are always in the game.

Chinese Partnership

In November 2016, FIT Ruums announced a strategic alliance partnership with the #1 B2B travel aggregator in China – DidaTravel, giving the new company a solid foothold in the world’s largest outbound travel market.

Focusing on travel technology, DidaTravel provides real-time hotel inventory and room rates for more than 250,000 hotel properties worldwide.

The Strategic Alliance Partnership allows two-way distribution, sharing of worldwide properties through an API connection and its hotel extranet, and collaboration in an array of areas such as market intelligence, business development and the advancement of new technology.

This also enables instant market penetration for suppliers seeking to enter the all-important Chinese market as FIT Ruums has done all the hard work.

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