Car and Campervan Travel

GoSee started small in 2004, as Online Republic, the brainchild of two brothers with big dreams. Initially offering alternative ways to hire rental cars online (as brand Airport Rentals), Online Republic quickly expanded into offering motorhome bookings as well (as brand Motorhome Republic). A focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences and 24/7 customer support led to continued commercial growth for the business.

The value of the company was recognised through the acquisition of Online Republic by Webjet Limited in 2016. The car and campervan consumer offering in the travel e-commerce space perfectly complemented the existing Webjet value proposition.

In 2021, Online Republic rebranded as GoSee. This change brought the car and camper brands together under the one GoSee brand. Customers now have all the choice and all the expertise, all in one place, making it easier for travellers to compare and save.

With a global footprint made up of over 1,400 suppliers across 160 countries, GoSee has booked over 3 million campervan rental days, and over 3 million rental cars so far.

GoSee is one of the largest motorhome rental agencies on earth, and is a significant presence in the global car hire marketplace. With its global presence, GoSee is a leading player in the consumer land travel industry, helping connect travellers to the people and places they love.

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