The fastest growing and second largest global accommodation provider to the travel industry.

WebBeds is a B2B travel intermediary or “bedbank”, providing accommodation and ground services to the travel industry. We source content from travel suppliers, aggregate and merchandise that content then distribute it to our clients, travel enablers, who then sell to the travelling public, the “end consumer”.

Our clients – online travel agencies, retail travel agents, corporate travel managers, tour operators, wholesalers, tourism boards, super apps, DMC’s, group providers, airlines. etc. – can access the company’s huge global inventory via market-leading, trade-only websites or via simple and seamless, platform-to-platform, API connectivity. In addition to hotel product, clients also book transfer services in 1,200 destinations, along with thousands of guided excursions and tickets for attractions.

Our supplier partners – global hotel chains, independent hotels, apartments, resorts, attractions, transfer and sightseeing companies and more – all have a local dedicated point of contact focused on ensuring we deliver value, choice, expertise and an unrivalled level of service. The network effect continues to deliver enormous benefits, increasing our relevance to both hotel supply sources as well as travel industry clients.

The process of bringing together over 365,000+ hotels and 15,000+ ground services in more than 14,000 destinations in a way that adds value to suppliers’ businesses, and distributing that content to a global network of over 44,000 travel companies in more than 145 source markets in ways that meet their needs, is a complicated and technical ecosystem.

Below is a high-level overview of how we go about it. The WebBeds Marketplace, where clients & suppliers seamlessly meet to buy & sell content, is driven by a talented and dedicated global team of more than 1,500 including technology, contracting, sales, operations, finance and marketing professionals – all focussed on doing it better for our partners.

Our distribution model and the WebBeds Global Marketplace.

Since our launch in 2013, we have built a significant global distribution network. Today, we have a staff of over 1,500 travel professionals, located in 50 offices in 30 countries, selling to over 200 destination countries through a portfolio of clients in more than 145 source markets worldwide.

We’re very proud of our story so far!

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