Award Winning Online Travel Agency

Webjet is a proudly Australian company, listed on the ASX in March 2000, based in Melbourne, Australia. Webjet is the number one online travel agency in Australia and New Zealand, leading the way in delivering innovative travel shopping solutions for consumers. Webjet enables customers to compare, combine and book the best domestic and international travel deals. Webjet distributes flights, hotels, holiday packages, travel insurance, hire cars and motorhomes.

Webjet proudly provides industry leading customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through multiple channels including; telephone support, online chat, email, messaging and a sophisticated FAQ platform.

A major part of Webjet’s value proposition is its unique Booking Price Guarantee. Webjet guarantees the price of flights, along with any hotel, car rental or travel insurance booked at the same time. This means the price customers have selected, provided they complete their booking within 30 minutes, will not change. Even if their chosen fare sells out during this time, resulting in a more expensive seat being booked, this cost is covered by Webjet’s Booking Price Guarantee.

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