21 Apr, 2024

Our new Webjet Limited Investor Centre website.

We are pleased to advise our Investor Centre website has had a makeover, providing our shareholders a contemporary, fully responsive site and a better user experience.

Our Investor Centre website has had a makeover, providing our shareholders a contemporary, fully responsive site and a better user experience.

In addition to functional improvements, we have added some new content and made a few general layout improvements to create a nicer user experience for all our shareholders and interested parties. 

Here’s what’s new:

Our Brands
Each of our brands now have a dedicated page, featuring updated content and metrics relevant to each business.

Our leadership team also now have their own individual pages. And for media use, our Board Chair and Managing Director bio pages also feature a selection of downloadable high resolution images.

Investor Calendar & AGM
Our investor calendar page features key upcoming events along with better event registration and meeting access functionality. Our dedicated AGM page features meeting registration, access and documents to be considered at meetings, as well as documents from previous meetings.

We’ve added a dedicated Sustainability page outlining our approach to sustainability, and related actions we are undertaking in the current year. Your will also find our full Sustainability Report here, with guidance on documents to view it in tandem with.

Investor Resources
A cleaner layout, with 'view' or 'download' functionality for ASX Releases, Presentations (with a better webcast recording viewing UX on both desktop and mobile) and Company Reporting (featuring half year and annual reports). We have also added an Investor FAQ page.

We are pleased to be adding News to our site so you can stay updated with news from across the Group. We will be posting dedicated news articles from Webjet Limited surrounding results announcements, AGM’s results, Press Releases, along with general updates (like this one), and happenings across our businesses.

Footer Area
We have a deeper and more practical footer area, with Share Price always visible, access to Social pages and navigation links to all key areas.


Please take some time to look around, we trust you will find it easy to locate the information you need, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us.

For further information.

Please contact Carolyn Mole at investor@webjetlimited.com 

Please contact the History Will Be Kind team at webjet@historywillbekind.com.au or call on (+61) 02 8046 4848.

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Webjet Limited is proud to support 40:40 Vision to achieve gender balance in senior leadership by 2030.

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Webjet Limited is Toitū ‘net carbonzero’ certified, and are part of a collective of organisations leading the way to a low carbon future.

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