7 Mar, 2023

Webjet Limited achieves Carbonzero Certification.

Webjet Limited is a Carbonzero Certified organisation, and are now part of a collective of organisations leading the way to a low carbon future.

This year Webjet Limited took the important first step in measuring our baseline carbon emissions. We have committed to becoming a carbon net zero company and are delighted to confirm that we are now a Toitū ‘net carbonzero’ certified organisation.


Sustainability Framework.

We continue to refresh and evolve our sustainability framework. This year our primary focus was on recalibrating the environmental, social and governance topics we believe are most material to our business and stakeholders.

You can find detail around our approach to sustainability on the Sustainability page of our Investor Centre website.

Net zero carbon emissions target

In FY22, we began a process to assess our carbon impact with a view to creating an emissions reduction pathway to deliver a net zero target. This involved measuring, auditing and subsequently offsetting our carbon emissions.

We engaged Toitu Envirocare, an organisation based in New Zealand, to assist us in this process. Toitu Envirocare actively participated in the development of the leading international standards in greenhouse gas measurement and reduction. Their certifications meet and exceed the requirements of ISO standards and ensure consistent and comprehensive reporting, benchmarking and management under international best practice.

Throughout FY23, we worked with Toitu Envirocare to measure, audit and subsequently offset our carbon emissions. Having completed a baseline audit for calendar year 2021 and offset our emissions through the purchase of carbon credits, Webjet is now a Toitū ‘net carbonzero’ certified organisation.

The Toitū net carbonzero program is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and was the world’s first program to be accredited under ISO 14065. This allows Toitu to issue certification against ISO 14064-1, ISO 14067, and PAS 2050 and means the Toitū net carbonzero certification mark is recognised in over 60 countries through the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Our commitment to a net zero carbon emissions target will see the Webjet Limited group measure, manage reduce and offset our carbon footprint on an annual basis.

The annual cycle sustains a journey of continual improvement.

Fore more information on our approach to sustainability...

View our Sustainability page

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Webjet Limited is proud to support 40:40 Vision to achieve gender balance in senior leadership by 2030.

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Webjet Limited is Toitū ‘net carbonzero’ certified, and are part of a collective of organisations leading the way to a low carbon future.

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