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Investments in businesses that make our businesses better!

We always strive to retain the spirit that comes with being the challenger brand. To find new growth opportunities, innovations and creative ways to enhance our offering and deliver value across all aspects of our business. We have made investments in businesses with that goal in mind – making the process of booking and transacting travel better. 

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Simplify & super-charge online travel upselling.

ROOMDEX automation products re-imagine inventory merchandising & deepen the connection between a hotel and their guests. They develop hotel automation technologies that enable hotels to present their assets in new ways. The result is new revenue, less work and happier guests who are grateful for the personalised experience.


ROOMDEX toolset is technology innovation. They leverage hotel operational and software experience from leadership roles at companies such as MICROS (now Oracle Hospitality), Nor1, Duetto, StayNTouch and Shiji. They use their technological edge to help hotels exceed their commercial goals and deliver the best guest experience.

ROOMDEX currently provides the world’s only upselling solution that employs Attribute-based Upselling (ABS). In August of 2023, ROOMDEX launched an API platform so that hotel chains and 3rd party software providers can directly access a suite of proprietary algorithms for use in their own products.

On the investment

In November 2023, Webjet Limited exercised the option to acquire the remaining 51%.

Webjet Limited made a strategic investment in  ROOMDEX in February 2022, acquiring 49% for US$10 million. In October 2023, Webjet Limited acquired the remaining 51%.


ROOMDEX has been integrated into the WebBeds business and restructured. Going forward it will be a supplier partner product offering of WebBeds.  

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The most adaptive digital marketing platform.

Taguchi was established in Australia in 2009 and provides data driven marketing solutions for industry leading companies like RACV, Webjet, ME Bank, Accor Hotels, Amcal, Miele, Big4, Discount Drug Stores and more.

About Taguchi.

TaguchiMarketing’s  technology is used across a variety of industries to facilitate programs and provide insights associated with digital marketing, loyalty engagement, customer re-targeting campaigns, marketing automation and local area marketing.

Taguchi has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Our team of talented people includes technical developers, support specialists and consulting professionals.

Taguchi is a 100% Australian owned and developed solution with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. All technical, support and product development takes place in Australia.

On the investment

Webjet Limited hold a 25% share in TaguchiMarketing

Webjet Limited invest in technology that enables our company, as well as others, to utilise their data to make more effective business decisions.

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Blockchain based B2C travel marketplace.

LockTrip.com is a blockchain based B2C travel marketplace. Locktrip is helping expand Webjet’s blockchain expertise and being integrated into the Webjet OTA to enhance its B2C hotel offering.

About Locktrip

LockTrip LLC was founded by Nikola Alexandrov and Hristo Tenchev in 2017. Prior to the investment by Webjet Limited, they owned 100% of the company. As part of the investment by Webjet Limited, LockTrip UK Holdings Ltd was established. The founders own 75% of LockTrip UK Holdings Ltd and Webjet Limited owns 25%. LockTrip UK Holdings Ltd now owns 100% of the shares in LockTrip LLC.

Based in Bulgaria, LockTrip LLC developed a B2C hotels marketplace underpinned by a blockchain platform which is powered by a utility token, the LOC. Consumers can pay for hotel stays in multiple currencies or in LOC. LockTrip also provides its own decentralised public blockchain, the Hydra chain, powered by the HYDRA coin.

On the investment

Webjet Limited holds a 25% share in LockTrip

Webjet Limited’s interest in LockTrip is threefold:

  • • Accelerated development of its blockchain expertise;
  • • Integration of LockTrip into the Webjet OTA hotel offering; and
  • • Potential to migrate Webjet Limited’s Rezchain application onto the Hydra chain.

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Webjet Limited is proud to support 40:40 Vision to achieve gender balance in senior leadership by 2030.

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Webjet Limited is Toitū ‘net carbonzero’ certified, and are part of a collective of organisations leading the way to a low carbon future.

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