About Webjet Limited.

Webjet Limited is a global digital travel business that has been enabling travel since 1998.

Our history

Established in 1998.

In 1998, Webjet began as a small start-up seeking to disrupt traditional norms in the highly competitive online travel industry. In just over 10 years, Webjet became the #1 OTA in the Australian and New Zealand market. Our success was fuelled by a culture founded on customer focus, innovation, and creativity.

Expanding into Wholesale Travel (B2B)

We took this culture overseas in 2013 when we established WebBeds in Dubai, and again sought to disrupt the industry, although this time in B2B wholesale travel distribution. In just over 6 years, WebBeds became the #2 global B2B provider.

Expanding Consumer Travel Offering

And then in 2016, we acquired GoSee (formerly Online Republic) as we saw a company with massive potential, with a culture that was extremely similar to ours and with established leadership positions in their travel B2C travel verticals.

Webjet Limited Group today.

Today, our digital travel businesses, spanning both wholesale and retail markets, sell travel all over the world, supported by smart technology we build and invest in that differentiates our offerings and make booking and transacting travel better. You can find out more about our travel brands and technology business and investments in Our Businesses.

Strategic objectives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devasting impacts on our industry, however with markets re-opening and countries easing travel entry requirements, there is significant growth opportunities across all our businesses to deliver upon our strategic objectives.

To become the
#1 global B2B provider

market share leadership

Reshape and refocus
the business

Visit Our Businesses to learn more about each business.  More detail around Group Strategy can be found in our FY23 Annual Report.

Timelines & milestones

Scroll through our timelines and key milestones for an overview of our evolution, including key acquisitions, brand launches and investments that support our strategic objectives.

  • Est. 1998

    Webjet OTA
    The establishment of webjet.com.au – Webjet was established in 1998 as one of the first OTAs in the Australian market. Our focus has always been on offering our customers the greatest convenience and choice when booking travel.

  • 2004

    Webjet OTA
    Webjet OTA brings to market the world’s first Travel Services Aggregation technology, bringing together multiple travel products for distribution to consumers.

  • 2009

    Taguchi Marketing Acquisition
    Webjet Limited acquires 20% of Taguchi Marketing, a provider of data driven marketing automation solutions to global companies. The $200k investment made in FY09 has yielded an 8x return with $1.6 million in cash dividends realised to date (FY22).

  • 2010

    Webjet OTA
    Webjet becomes the #1 OTA in Australia and New Zealand.

  • 2013

    WebBeds is born, with the development and launch of B2B booking website Lots of Hotels in Dubai. Initially servicing the Middle East market, the LOH brand grew quickly expanding into Africa & The Americas


  • 2013

    Zuji Acquisition
    Webjet Limited acquire Zuji, a leading OTA in Hong Kong and Singapore, to expand its B2C offering in the Asian market.

  • 2014

    WebBeds acquires Sunhotels
    WebBeds expands into Europe with the acquisition of Sunhotels, a Spanish based B2B provider with a key strength in Mediterranean and beach properties and market leadership in the Nordic countries.

  • 2015

    WebBeds enters Americas market
    WebBeds expands into the Americas market, launching Lots of Hotels launched first in North America, soon extending into Canada and Latin America.

  • 2016

    Webjet Limited sells Zuji
    Webjet Limited sells Zuji to focus on higher margin B2B opportunities in Asia.

  • 2016

    WebBeds enters Asian market
    WebBeds makes its Asian market entry with the launch of FIT Ruums booking website, the company’s entry strategy into the fast growing Asian B2B market.

  • 2016

    Online Republic acquisition
    Webjet Limited acquires Online Republic, a market leader in the attractive online car hire, motorhome and cruise segments (rebrands as GoSee in 2021).

  • 2016

    Rezchain initiative announced
    WebBeds partners with Microsoft in developing Rezchain, the world’s first Blockchain for the travel industry.

  • 2017

    WebBeds acquires JacTravel
    A London based global B2B provider with a key strength in tier 1 European city properties. The acquisition made WebBeds the #2 provider in the global B2B market.

  • 2018

    WebBeds acquires DOTW
    WebBeds acquires Destinations of the World (DOTW), a leading B2B business headquartered in Dubai. This meaningfully increased WebBeds’ scale and consolidated its position as the clear #2 global provider.

  • 2019

    WebBeds launches UHI
    WebBeds launches Umrah Holidays International (UHI), the first truly online B2B provider of religious travel services.

  • 2019

    WebBeds + Rezchain
    RezChain is implemented across all WebBeds platforms, helping reduce costs and drive efficiencies across the business.

  • 2020

    WebBeds unifies its global brands
    WebBeds unifies its B2B trade brands under the WebBeds brand, presenting a single cohesive global brand to the travel industry simplifying its commercial proposition and streamlining processes for both supply and distribution partners.

  • 2021

    Webjet Limited Invests in LockTrip
    Webjet Limited invests in LockTrip, a blockchain based B2C travel marketplace, acquiring a 25% share. An investment to help accelerate our blockchain expertise for impending integration into the Webjet OTA to enhance its hotel offering.

  • 2021

    Online Republic rebrands, becoming GoSee
    Online Republic undergoes a global rebrand, becoming GoSee, a leading player in the consumer land travel industry offering rental car and camper bookings under one brand.

  • 2021

    Webjet Limited acquires Trip Ninja
    Trip Ninja provides complex travel itinerary automation technology that will allow the Webjet OTA to offer highly competitive, complex multi-stop travel itineraries.

  • 2022

    Webjet Limited Invests in ROOMDEX
    Webjet Limited invests in ROOMDEX, acquiring a 49% share. ROOMDEX automates the process for hotels to provide upsell offers to its guests, and its products will be available to WebBeds hotel partners.

  • 2023

    FY23 Record Bookings & TTV.
    In FY23, the post pandemic resurgence continues with organic growth driving record bookings & TTV, and with Group Bookings, TTV, Revenue and EBITDA all ahead of pre pandemic levels in 2H23.

Our approach to Sustainability.

We are committed to creating sustainable earnings and capital growth for our shareholders and to support all our stakeholders including employees, suppliers, customers and the communities that we serve.

Our sustainability framework centres around three principles: making a positive social impact, reducing our operational impact on the environment and maintaining ethical corporate governance processes.

Details of the current sustainability initiatives Webjet Limited is undertaking to make better choices for our business, our communities and the environment are set out in our latest Sustainability Report. Download: FY22 Sustainability Report.


Making a positive social impact.
We believe we can best make a positive social impact and create value by maintaining a highly engaged workforce, protecting human rights and mitigating modern slavery, maintaining high customer engagement and supporting communities. We acknowledge our responsibility goes beyond risk management and the importance of creating value for our team, our customers and our communities.


Reducing our operational impact on the environment.
We accept that our customers, shareholders, employees and the community expect that we will operate our businesses in an environmentally responsible manner, and recognise the importance of doing so. We are focused on minimising our own environmental impact and looking for ways to reduce our footprint. We also recognise we can play an important role in educating our customers and the travelling public on the economic, social and environmental impacts of their travel.


Maintaining ethical corporate governance processes.
We are committed to an ethical and transparent approach to business. We realise running an ethical business goes beyond managing just the behaviour of our team. It extends to complying with regulations and maintaining best practice corporate governance, particularly when it comes to data privacy and security, and maintaining high standards of business ethics.

Our company values.

All of our successes and growth have been made possible by our culture, embodied in our people, which is underpinned by five key values – Respect, Integrity, Delivering Value, Agility & Hunger to Win.


Our people are our greatest asset. They bring passion, commitment, dedication, and pride in what they do. We respect each other, we value collaboration, we are prepared to have robust debate and we have fun in what we do.


We are focused on delivering superior outcomes. We always seek to do the right thing and value integrity, accountability and delivering quality in everything we do.

Delivering value.

We are focused on delivering high quality products, excellence in customer service, maintaining strong relationships with our supply partners, providing an engaging and supportive work environment for our employees, and delivering value for our shareholders and the broader community.


Unafraid to disrupt traditional norms, we constantly challenge ourselves to look for new ways to win and deliver value. Our people are agile and nimble and we empower them to effect change.

Hunger to win.

As we grow, we remember our humble roots and always strive to retain the spirit that comes with being the challenger brand. We constantly seek to challenge ourselves to find new growth opportunities, innovations and creative ways to deliver value across all aspects of our business. We value curiosity, being brave and having confidence to try new things.

Ensuring we remain true to our values will be a key driver for delivering on future successes.